Program brief:

This program is the first step toward gaining a bachelor degree in hospitality management. This program is equivalent to the first year of bachelor studies. During the diploma, students will be introduced to the hospitality industry. They will learn the basic skills and knowledge about this sector. Students will be touch how to build a good relationship with their coworkers and management. Also, they will have the needed skills to interact in a professional way with customers.
In the same time, students will be attending an inhouse training within IBAS facilities where they will be in direct touch with daily work life and they will have the opportunity to put the knowledge they learned in the classroom into implementation.
After that once they are ready, students will join a full paid internship position where they can work in a real life job and gain the practical experience they need to start their future career.

The diploma program provide students with an suitable exit at the end of the first year of bachelor program which make it ideal for those who can not have a long term commitment abroad.

Duration:1 year / 60 ECTS
Study Mode:Onsite – Full time or online
/blended mode
Entry Requirements:High school or equivalent
IELTS 5.0 or equivalent
Medium of Teaching:English
Exit Requirements:Passed all courses
Passed all internship
Passed final project
Why this program?
Career Opportunities:
Program Structure: